Sarah started her career coaching Swimming at the age of 17, and since then, has never left the water. From teaching Synchronised swimming, Scuba Instructing, Freediving, Lifeguarding even Aqua Zumba!


Sarah Has been a Scuba Instructor and Free Diving Instructor for the past 5 years and has traveled the world experiences what beauty Oceans have to offer. She is also active in Shark Awareness, having dived with over 12 species of Shark, attends schools and runs courses in aid of reversing the “Jaws Complex” that has become so apparent in the last half of the century.


Though Sarah loves to dance it would seen that her body is more suited to the flow of water more than on land, After becoming affiliated with Mermaid Cove as a Mermaid Entertainer, an idea was born combining both dance and a love of water together. Now alongside Mermaid Cove and TankSpace, the first Portable Underwater Dance act was born!


Why are we called Danseaqua? One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written; Danse Macabre, has inspired Sarah in naming the company, firstly because she believes the most haunting pieces of art is the most inspiring, and secondly because Danse Macabre is about the dance of Death. No matter ones station in life, The Danse Macabre unites us all.

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